Old Perry Cemetery Association, Inc. is a non-profit, tax- exempt cemetery association. Therefore, any donations made to the Association by living persons are fully tax deductible in accordance with the relevant provision (501 c 13) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Donations are solicited from all persons having an interest in Old Perry Cemetery, whether because they have ancestors or other relatives buried there, because it is their own chosen place of interment, or for any other reason. Unless otherwise specified by the donor, the Finance Committee of the Association reserves the right to decide whether a donation should be used for ongoing maintenance of the cemetery, or whether the donation should be added to the long term investment fund (the Management Fund) to generate continuing income in the future.

To make a contribution, you can send a check made payable to Old Perry Cemetery Association, Inc. Old Perry Cemetery makes no representation that it is a perpetual care cemetery as that term is defined by State Law. Old Perry cemetery is supported by donations from individuals and families. A management fund has been established to assist in meeting the operating expenses, but private donations are still needed.